The Reception Team - RNF class

Teacher – Miss Nicola Fahy

Teaching Assistant - Miss Aimee Evans

Term 6 Newsletter - 21/22            Term 6 Knowledge Orgainser - 21/22

Term 5 Newslettter - 21/22           Term 5 Knowledge Organiser - 21/22

Term 4 Newsletter - 21/22            Term 4 Knowledge Organiser - 21/22

Term 3 Newsletter - 21/22            Term 3 Knowledge Organiser - 21/22

Term 2 Newsletter - 21/22            Term 2 Knowledge Organiser - 21/22

Term 1 Newsletter - 21/22            Term 1 Knowledge Organiser - 21/22

Maths Workshop Video

Reading Workshop Video

Phonics Workshop Video

Phonics Workshop Presentation


Tapestry provides each individual child with their own e-learning journey. Further information is available on the main Tapestry website.

Parents and carers are given a personal log-in using their email address and password. Log-in details are given to parents at the beginning of term. If you have not received your log-in details, please contact a member of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) team via the IKB office.

All our EYFS staff have a secure pin log-in number. Staff record and assess our pupils, linking observations to the EYFS curriculum and uploading photo or video media as evidence.

Once saved and completed, each observation is approved by Miss Fahy.

An email is then automatically generated to parents/ carers set up to that child’s account and they are informed that an observation has been added so they can have a look and add any of their own comments.

The Tapestry App is available to download for iPhone and Android devices from the respective App Store.

How to use Tapestry to view your child’s journal

1. Go to the log-in page of the Tapestry website.

2. Enter your personal email and password.

3. You can then view your child’s journal and look through the observations.

4. You can print these off for your own keeping if you wish.

5. You can add your own comments at the bottom of the observation.

6. You can also add your own observations of your child's learning outside of school using your phone/ tablet or via the web.

The Curriculum

In the Early Years we follow children’s interests and ideas. We endeavour to make learning active, hands on, memorable and fun. We explore seasonal changes and celebrations through stories, songs, exploration and real-life experiences. We use Talk 4 Writing as to tool to develop language, story structure, imagination and writing. 

Reception - The Long Term Plan

Remote Teaching and Learning

In the current climate regarding COVID-19 and the possibility for further national lockdowns, local lockdowns or even school lockdowns our IKB staff want to reassure you that we have everything ready to launch in terms of remote (online) learning for your children. The remote learning platform we will be using is one called 'Seesaw' and all parents will be sent information regarding this as required.

Please refer to the Parental Guide for Remote Learning for more information.

Remote Teaching and Learning Policy  - September 2020

Department of Education Remote Learning Information