Our IKB Friends and Community (IKBFC) group is made up of parents and carers who share a passion for supporting and working with the school. This is an exciting and unique role at the heart of our school.  Working closely with the headteacher and school business manager, IKBFC members collaborate, network and forge links with the local community to inspire our children enjoy wider opportunities in and out of school and to raise their aspirations.

Led by a chairperson, the IKBFC group meet a minimum of once per half term and play a vital role in communicating with our parents and carers regarding upcoming school and community events and opportunities.

If you would like to become an IKBFC member, please contact them directly at ikbfriendsandcommunity@gmail.com  or see the school office.

Our IKBFC group members are:

Chair - Daniel Green

Vice-chair- Zoe Thayre

Secretary - Thomas Strawbridge

Vice-secretary- Debbie Harvey

Treasurer - Sarah Parsons

Vice-treasurer - Vikki Ash

Marketing - Missy White