IKB operate under the Blackdown Education Partnership governance guidelines which can be found here:

Governance Documents — Blackdown Education Partnership (

"Having an effective governing body for IKB Primary School has always been a core priority for IKB. Our governors form and integral part of our school leadership structure and it is their role to ensure that the long-term vision of the school is attainable and that it aligns itself with our school and Trust values of Every Child Achieves, Every Child Belongs, Every Child Participates.

Our governors help to ensure that, as headteacher, I am always acting in the best interests of the school and the Trust. They ensure that IKB continues to improve its performance and seizes opportunities to unlock new opportunities to thrive. They help to reduce risks and ensure stronger growth and it has been fantastic to witness IKB becoming more and more embedded within our local community over time.

I gives me great pleasure to introduce to you our IKB governors:"

Mr Healey

Lisa Denson
Amy Northern
Aaron Warren
Philippa Small
Bob Pamplin
Dave MacCormick