Our IKB Team

Richard Healey – Headteacher and Primary Executive Headteacher of the Castle Partnership Trust

Victoria Hawkins – Business Manager

Nicola Fahy – Reception Teacher

Aimee Evans – Reception Teaching Assistant

Debbie Foreman – Lunch Time Supervisor

Clare Hobbs – Lunch Time Supervisor

Tony Scully - Caretaker


The IKB team are supported by The Castle Partnership Trust staff, Governors, Directors and Members. 

Our Castle Partnership Trust Team

Sarah Watson – Chief Executive Officer

Alison Crudgington – Trust Business Manager

Brendan Slade – Trust Premises Manager

Clair Owen – Trust Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Mark Carter – Trust Early Years Foundation Stage Leader


IKB Governors

Lisa Denson – Chair of Governors

Amy Northern - Vice Chair

Sarah Watson  – Governor

Polly Matthews – Staff Governor

Aaron Warren - Parent Governor

Philippa Small - Parent Governor


Board of Directors

Mark Richmond – Chair of Board

Michelle Fox – Vice Chair

Sarah Watson – Director

Carly Hatch – Director

Guy Price – Director

Helen Hamilton-Meikle – Director

Simon Foster - Director


Members’ Trust

Sheila Naylor – Chair

Peter Haines – Member

Karen Canham - Member

Mark Moore – Member

Robert Trowbridge - Member


For further information please refer to Trust Governance | The Castle Partnership Trust (castle-trust.co.uk)