Bright Sparks Nursery is an exciting, new Early Years setting, which is an integral part of the IKB School community.  We opened on 11th January 2021, with enquiries and requests for spaces flooding in, and our numbers of children continue to grow.

We have spacious indoor and outdoor areas for our children to explore, including our popular muddy space, and we work to ensure they are always interesting, challenging and stimulating for our children.

Our ethos is based around children as individuals so, rather than planning around topics and themes, we use the children’s play to inform our planning in the moment, making the most of every learning opportunity while the children are engaged and happy. In this way, we aim to instil in our children a love and thrill for learning for its own sake, helping them to be ready for school. 

We are proud of being an inclusive community, and we accept and value all of our children and their families. We like to have as much information as possible about children’s lives at home, and are open to parents’ suggestions if there is anything we can do better to make them feel welcome. 

We hope this website provides all the information you need as a parent to choose the right setting for your child but if you have any questions and would like to talk to us please get in touch. We aren't always in the office so email is best: brightsparks@ikb.bep.ac but if you prefer to talk, try us on 01823 795999.