Year 2 Long Term Plan

To support your child’s Maths learning we recommend the 1 Minute White Rose Maths Apps which can be downloaded here.

Year 2 Term 5 Science Knowledge Organiser - All About Bees

Each term, your child will be provided with knowledge organisers. These contain the knowledge and vocabulary that we will be covering in Science, History and Geography topics. Knowledge organisers are a brilliant way for families to have conversations about what their child is learning. 

At home, you can read through the information and look at the pictures and diagrams. You can also use the vocabulary with your children at home to help the words to become part of their everyday communication.

Year 2 Term 5 Newsletter

Each term, your child will also be given a newsletter. This gives you an overview of what is happening in your child’s class that term. It will include information about the topics covered in the class, and the focus for English, Maths and Reading/Phonics learning. This can help you at home to support your child with their learning. Newsletters also contain key dates for the term and reminders for PE, Forest School and other events that may be happening. 

If you have any questions about the information in the knowledge organisers or newsletters, please don’t hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher.