IKB policies:

Accessibility Policy                                   Admissions Policy

Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Education

Anti-bullying Policy                                    Anti-fraud and Corruption Policy        

Asthma and Inhalers in School Policy     Attendance Policy 

Biometric Data Policy                                Charging and Remissions Policy 

Children in Care Policy                         

Children with Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School

CCTV Usage                                                Complaints Procedure

Data Protection Policy                                Drugs Incident

Educational Visits Policy                            Environmental Sustainability Strategy         

Epipen Statement                                        Equality Information and Objectives

Fire Safety                                                    Governance Expenses Policy

Health & Safety Policy                                 ICO Model Publication Scheme

Information Publication Scheme

Information Security                                    Intimate Care Policy                                     

Medical and First Aid Policy                       Online Safety Policy          

Positive Behaviour Policy                           PSHE Policy   

Pupil Premium Policy                                  Pupil Acceptable Computer & Internet Use

Raising Concerns at Work (Whistleblowing)

Recruitment and Vetting Policy                  Remote Teaching and Learning    

Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy     Safeguarding Policy 

IKB Safeguarding Appendix                       Safe Sleep Policy  

SEND Policy

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural and British Values Development Policy

Student and Parents Privacy Notice          Supervision Policy 

Suspension and Permanent Exclusion      Transgender Students

Visitors to the Trust Policy                                                        


COVID-19 Policy Appendices

IKB Living with COVID-19 April 2022


To view the Blackdown Education Partnership policies that cover all schools within the trust please visit: